If you have seen a painting you like that is no longer available, or you would like changes made to its size or colour scheme then please contact Rosemary to disccuss your requirements.


If you want a particular colour scheme you can send a photo or if you have a colour sample in the form of a piece of fabric or paint sample you can send this to our address.

Studio Gallery,
15 Trafalgar Cresent,
Bridlington, East Yorkshire
YO15 3NR
01262 424260

Completion and Payment

A small deposit will secure a commission. Rosemary will endeavour to complete the painting as quickly as possible depending on her current commitments. When completed you will be sent a photo of the painting. Price will be mainly dependent on the size of the painting requested and will be agreed before the painting is undertaken. Please phone to make sure everything is clearly understood and everyone is happy.

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